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Gabriel Bletton

Athlete - Freeride World Tour

Baqueira Beret

baqueira beret fwt



Ordino Arcalis

ordino arcalis fwt



Kicking Horse Golden BC

kicking horse fwt







fiberbrunn fwt



Xtreme Verbier

verbier fwt



3 + 2 steps

across the globe

Snowsurf magazine describes me as a sort of extraterrestrial snowboarder who got his ticket for the Freeride World Tour. Today, I'm seeking your support to help me financing this season which promises to be epic, cheers !

Enough reading, let's look at some pictures.

Gabriel Bletton saut de barre rocheuse en snowboard
Gabriel Bletton en ascencion d'une face de freeride
photo du podium avec Gabriel au centre et vainqueur de la compétition de freeride
repérage d'une face de compétition de freeridesnowboard
Gabriel en alpiniste encordé dans les Andes au Chili
Gab en photo dans la porte de départ en haut de la face à Gurl en Autriche

Open Faces Gurgl 4* FWQ final

- Austria

Winning run - FPV view - 2022

Nendaz Freeride 4* FWQ final- Swiss

Winning run - FPV view - 2022

Nendaz Freeride 4* FWQ final

- Swiss

Winning run - live commentated - 2022

Why your support is needed ? 🏂

Making jumps and loops on 50° steep slopes is a lot of fun to watch, but it takes few euros to reach the top of these mountains: travel, accommodation, equipment, avalanche training, athletic preparation and so on... Each euros count to finance all this.

The role of sponsors...

They already help me a lot (Crest-Voland cohennoz, Allinwood, Sé…) and thanks to them I can participate. But that's not enough to fund an entire season on the competitive Freeride World Tour circuit.

How to help so?

You can participate in the pot directly, help me find additional sponsors and / or encourage me with a little message from time to time ❤️

Gabriel Bletton et Alix Soria, compétition Gurl fwt

How to support me?

They already support me


I'm Gabriel, snowboarder & freerider, on course for the Freeride World Tour.

Discover the competition and support me for this adventure 🏂

Gabriel Bletton le pouce levé
Gabriel Bletton main en l'air

Thanks !

~ ​High five! ~
Click in my hand to wish me luck!

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